Skydive Holdings Pty Ltd is a New South Wales based Australian Private Company registered 27th November 2009. It is registered for GST.

Key Data

Business NameSkydive Holdings Pty Ltd
Entity TypeAustralian Private Company
GST Registered1 July 2011(9 years, 8 months ago)

Other Entity Names

BNAdelaide Skydivers
BNAdrenalin Skydiving
BNAdventure Now
BNAirlie Skydivers
BNBarwon Heads Skydivers
BNBeach Skydiving
BNBribie Island Skydivers
BNByron Bay Skydivers
BNCairns Balloon Co
BNCairns Ballooning Co
BNCairns Hot Air Balloon Co
BNCairns Hot Air Ballooning
BNCalypso Cairns
BNCalypso Dunk Island
BNChoose Your Adventure
BNConquer Cairns
BNCoolum Skydivers
BNCruise the Great Barrier Reef
BNCrystalbrook Experience
BNDarwin Skydivers
BNDestination Cairns
BNDestination Mission Beach
BNDownunder Skydive
BNDreamtime Dive and Snorkel
BNDreamtime Dive Cairns
BNDreamtime Experience
BNExperience Marine Solutions
BNExperience Port Douglas
BNExperienceCo Australia
BNExperienceCo New Zealand
BNFraser Island Skydivers
BNGBR Ballooning
BNGo High Skydive
BNGo Low Skydive
BNGreat Barrier Reef Skydivers
BNGreat Ocean Road Skydivers
BNGround Rush Skydive
BNHamilton Island Skydivers
BNHeli Skydive Sydney City
BNHot Air Balloon Co
BNHunter Balloon Rides
BNInnisfail Skydivers
BNIntercity Group
BNJet Magic Snorkel Tours
BNJet Snorkel Tours
BNJump The Beach
BNJump the Beach Central Coast
BNJump the Beach Darwin
BNJump the Beach Melbourne
BNJump the Beach Newcastle
BNJump the Beach Perth
BNJump the Beach Sydney
BNJump the Beach Wollongong
BNKatoomba Skydivers
BNMagic Dive
BNMarine World
BNMelbourne Skydivers
BNMild to Wild
BNMission Beach Skydivers
BNNew Zealand Skydivers
BNNewcastle Skydivers
BNNoosa Skydivers
BNNorth Sydney Skydivers
BNOutdoor Skydive Australia
BNPerformance Helicopters
BNPerth Skydivers
BNPerth Skydiving Centre
BNPort Douglas Skydivers
BNQueenstown Skydivers
BNQueenstown Skydiving
BNRaging Thunder Skydive
BNRainbow Beach Skydivers
BNReef Education
BNReef Opulence
BNRockingham Skydivers
BNSeabob Snorkel Tours
BNSeabob Tours Cairns
BNShellharbour Skydivers
BNSKB Adventures
BNSkydive Airlie Beach
BNSkydive Australia Brisbane
BNSkydive Australia Central Coast
BNSkydive Australia Group
BNSkydive Australia Newcastle
BNSkydive Australia Noosa
BNSkydive Blue Mountains
BNSkydive Bribie Island
BNSkydive Coolum
BNSkydive Enterprises
BNSkydive for Fun
BNSkydive Frankston
BNSkydive Fraser Island
BNSkydive Great Ocean Road
BNSkydive Hamilton Island
BNSkydive Katoomba
BNSkydive Melbourne
BNSkydive Mission Beach
BNSkydive New Zealand
BNSkydive Noosa
BNSkydive North Sydney
BNSkydive over the Beach Melbourne
BNSkydive over the Beach Perth
BNSkydive over the Beach Sydney
BNSkydive Penrith
BNSkydive Port Douglas
BNSkydive Queenstown
BNSkydive Rainbow Beach
BNSkydive Rockingham
BNSkydive South Melbourne
BNSkydive St Kilda
BNSkydive Sydney Harbour
BNSkydive Sydney Wollongong
BNSkydive the Beach Airlie Beach
BNSkydive the Beach and Beyond Perth
BNSkydive the Beach and Beyond Sydney
BNSkydive The Beach Bribie Island
BNSkydive The Beach Central Coast
BNSkydive the Beach Coolum
BNSkydive the Beach Fraser Island
BNSkydive the Beach Great Barrier Reef
BNSkydive The Beach Newcastle
BNSkydive the Beach Noosa
BNSkydive The Beach Perth
BNSkydive the Beach Rainbow Beach
BNSkydive The Beach St Kilda
BNSkydive The Beach Sydney
BNSkydive the Beach Whitsunday Islands
BNSkydive the Beach Whitsundays
BNSkydive The Beach Wollongong
BNSkydive The Central Coast
BNSkydive the Great Barrier Reef
BNSkydive The Hunter Valley
BNSkydive Wollongong
BNSkydive Yarra Valley
BNSkydive York
BNSkydiving Australia Skydive
BNSkydiving Melbourne Skydive
BNSkydiving Perth Skydive
BNSkydiving Sydney Skydive
BNSkydiving Wollongong Skydive
BNSydney Beach Tandem Skydiving
BNSydneys Only Beach Skydive
BNTandem Wollongong
BNThe Adventure Shop
BNThe Adventure Store
BNThe Beach Skydive
BNVertical Magic
BNVictoria Skydivers
BNWA Skydivers
BNWhale Watching Tours Cairns
BNWollongong Skydivers
BNXCo Australia
BNXCo New Zealand
BNYarra Valley Skydivers

Reference IDs

Company NumberACN 140 817 063
Business NumberABN 99 140 817 063
ABN From27 November 2009(11 years, 3 months ago)


Postcode AreasConiston
Mount Keira
Mount Saint Thomas
North Wollongong
Spring Hill
West Wollongong
Wollongong Dc
Wollongong West

Other Details

ABN Last Updated20 February 2021(2 weeks, 2 days ago)