Epworth Foundation is a Victoria based Other Incorporated Entity, its ABN was registered 1st November 1999. It is registered for GST.

Key Data

Business NameEpworth Foundation
Entity TypeOther Incorporated Entity
GST Registered1 July 2000(23 years, 3 months ago)

Other Entity Names

TRDEpworth Hospital
OTNEpworth Healthcare
BNBrookes Nursing & Midwifery Academy at Epworth
BNEpworth Allergy Specialists
BNEpworth Allied Health Clinic
BNEpworth Breast Service
BNEpworth Brighton
BNEpworth Clinic Private Practice
BNEpworth Dermatology
BNEpworth for life
BNEpworth Freemasons
BNEpworth Freemasons Breast Clinic
BNEpworth Geelong
BNEpworth Hawthorn
BNEpworth Healthcare
BNEpworth Musculoskeletal Research Centre
BNEpworth Nursing Academy
BNEpworth Priority Endoscopy
BNEpworth Rehabilitation Camberwell
BNEpworth Rehabilitation Hawthorn
BNEpworth Research
BNEpworth Sports And Exercise Medicine Group
BNEpworth TV
BNEpworth Wellness Centre
BNMolecular Oncology and Cancer Immunology
BNNursing and Midwifery at Epworth
BNREACH Consortium
BNThe Epworth Clinic

Reference IDs

Business NumberABN 97 420 694 950
ABN From1 November 1999(23 years, 11 months ago)


Postcode AreasBurnley
Burnley North
Richmond East
Richmond North
Richmond South

Other Details

ABN Last Updated30 August 2023(1 month ago)