Vetpartners Qld Pty Ltd is a New South Wales based Australian Private Company, its ABN was registered 21st December 2016. It is registered for GST.

Key Data

Business NameVetpartners Qld Pty Ltd
Entity TypeAustralian Private Company
GST Registered21 December 2016(5 years, 1 month ago)

Other Entity Names

BNAlbany creek veterinary surgery
BNAndergrove Better Pet Vets
BNAscot Vet Surgery
BNAscot Veterinary Surgery
BNBayview Veterinary Surgery
BNBetter Pet Vets Northern Beaches
BNDogues Of Ascot
BNDogues Of Ascot Pet Grooming
BNDogues Pet Grooming Parlour
BNHerriot Hounds
BNHerriot Hounds On Herries
BNHervey Bay Veterinary Surgery
BNHounds on Herries
BNKalinga Park Vet Surgery
BNKalinga Park Veterinary Surgery (Wooloowin)
BNMackay Vet Hospital
BNMackay Veterinary Hospital
BNMount Pleasant Vet Surgery
BNMount Pleasant Veterinary Surgery
BNPittsworth Vet Surgery
BNPittsworth Veterinary Surgery
BNThe Travel Vets
BNToowoomba Vet
BNToowoomba Veterinary Hospital
BNWilston Vet
BNWilston Vet Surgery

Reference IDs

Company NumberACN 616 534 939
Business NumberABN 81 616 534 939
ABN From21 December 2016(5 years, 1 month ago)


Postcode AreasBlenheim Road
East Ryde
Macquarie Centre
Macquarie Park
North Ryde

Other Details

ABN Last Updated5 December 2021(1 month, 3 weeks ago)