Gas & Plumbing Australia Pty Ltd is a South Australia based Australian Private Company registered 17th December 2015. It is registered for GST.

Key Data

Business NameGas & Plumbing Australia Pty Ltd
Entity TypeAustralian Private Company
GST Registered17 December 2015(7 years, 3 months ago)

Other Entity Names

BN23 Hour Plumbing
BN23 Hour Plumbing Electrical And Aircon
BNAdelaide Metro
BNAdelaide Metro Plumbing
BNAdelaide Plumber Near Me
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Adelaide
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Canberra
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Darwin
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Electrical Air Conditioning
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Hobart
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Melbourne Vic
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Perth
BNAfter Hours Plumbing Sydney
BNAir Con Repair Adelaide
BNAir Con Repair Canberra
BNAir Con Repair Darwin
BNAir Con Repair Hobart
BNAir Con Repair Melbourne
BNAir Con Repair Perth
BNAir Con Repair Sydney
BNAir Con Service Adelaide
BNAir Con Service Canberra Act
BNAir Con Service Darwin
BNAir Con Service Hobart
BNAir Con Service Melbourne
BNAir Con Service Near Me
BNAir Con Service Perth Wa
BNAir Con Service Sydney
BNAir Conditioner
BNAir Conditioner Near Me
BNAir Conditioner Repair
BNAir Conditioner Repair Adelaide
BNAir Conditioner Repair Melbourne
BNAir Conditioner Repair Perth
BNAir Conditioner Repair Sydney
BNAir Conditioner Service
BNAir Conditioner Service Adelaide
BNAir Conditioner Service Melbourne
BNAir Conditioner Service Perth
BNAir Conditioner Service Sydney
BNAir Conditioning Near Me
BNAir Conditioning Repair
BNAircon Repair
BNBook A Plumber Online
BNCyber Air Conditioning Adelaide
BNCyber Air Conditioning Ballarat
BNCyber Air Conditioning Bendigo
BNCyber Air Conditioning Geelong
BNCyber Air Conditioning Melbourne
BNCyber Air Conditioning Perth
BNCyber Air Conditioning Sydney
BNCyber Electrical Adelaide
BNCyber Electrical Ballarat
BNCyber Electrical Bendigo
BNCyber Electrical Geelong
BNCyber Electrical Melbourne
BNCyber Electrical Perth
BNCyber Electrical Sydney
BNCyber Plumbing Adelaide
BNCyber Plumbing Ballarat
BNCyber Plumbing Bendigo
BNCyber Plumbing Electrical And Air Con
BNCyber Plumbing Geelong
BNCyber Plumbing Melbourne
BNCyber Plumbing Perth
BNCyber Plumbing Sydney
BNElectrician Near Me Adelaide
BNElectrician Near Me Australia
BNElectrician Near Me Canberra
BNElectrician Near Me Darwin
BNElectrician Near Me Hobart
BNElectrician Near Me Melbourne
BNElectrician Near Me Perth
BNElectrician Near Me Sydney
BNGasfitter Near Me
BNHeating Cooling Near Me
BNHot Water System
BNJim's Air Conditioning
BNJim's Heating & Cooling
BNJim's Plumbing (WA, SA & VIC)
BNJim's Plumbing Perth
BNJim's Plumbing Reservoir
BNMetro Plumbing Adelaide
BNMetropolitan Air Conditioning
BNMetropolitan Blocked Drains
BNMetropolitan Drain Cleaning
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Adelaide
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Andrews Farm
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Ellenbrook
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Geelong
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Greenwith
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Lilydale
BNMetropolitan Electrical Contractors Sydney
BNMetropolitan Gasfitting
BNMetropolitan Group Australia
BNMetropolitan Heating And Cooling
BNMetropolitan Heating And Cooling Adelaide
BNMetropolitan Heating And Cooling Geelong
BNMetropolitan Heating And Cooling Melbourne
BNMetropolitan Heating And Cooling Perth
BNMetropolitan Heating And Cooling Sydney
BNMetropolitan Hot Water
BNMetropolitan Plumbing
BNMetropolitan Plumbing Electrical Air Conditioning
BNMetropolitan Plumbing Marion
BNMetropolitan Plumbing West Lakes
BNMr Emergency
BNOnly Hot Water
BNPerth Plumber Near Me
BNPlumber Near Me Adelaide Sa
BNPlumber Near Me Australia
BNPlumber Near Me Canberra
BNPlumber Near Me Darwin
BNPlumber Near Me Geelong
BNPlumber Near Me Hobart
BNPlumber Near Me Melbourne Vic
BNPlumber Near Me Perth Wa
BNPlumber Near Me Sydney Nsw
BNTradie Near Me
BNUpside Down
BNUpside Down Air Conditioning
BNUpside Down Electrical
BNUpside Down Plumbing

Reference IDs

Company NumberACN 609 895 721
Business NumberABN 69 609 895 721
ABN From17 December 2015(7 years, 3 months ago)


Postcode AreasAdelaide
Adelaide Bc
City West Campus
Halifax Street
Hutt Street
Rundle Mall
Station Arcade
Sturt Street

Other Details

ABN Last Updated14 March 2023(6 days ago)