Sydney Local Health District is a New South Wales based State Government Other Incorporated Entity, its ABN was registered 1st January 2011. It is registered for GST.

Key Data

Business NameSydney Local Health District
Entity TypeState Government Other Incorporated Entity
GST Registered1 January 2011(10 years, 11 months ago)

Other Entity Names

TRDSydney Local Health District
OTNAsthma Research Society
OTNBalmain Hospital
OTNCanterbury Hospital
OTNConcord Centre for Mental Health
OTNConcord Repatriation General Hospital
OTNCroydon Health centre
OTNDame Eadith Walker Hospital
OTNDepartment of Forensic Medicine
OTNHead and Neck Institute
OTNInstitute of Rheumatology and Orthopeadics
OTNInstitute of Sports Medicine
OTNInstitute of Urology
OTNMarrickville Community Health Centre
OTNMedical Centre Pathology
OTNRedfern Community Health Centre
OTNRoyal Prince Alfred Hospital
OTNRPA Foundation
OTNSydney Breast Cancer Foundation
OTNSydney Cancer Centre
OTNSydney Dental Hospital
OTNSydney Local Health District
OTNSydney Local Health Network
OTNThomas Walker Hospital
BNAgeing and Alzheimers Institute
BNAustralian Ageing and Alzheimers Institute
BNAustralian Institute of Ageing and Alzheimers
BNAustralian Institute of Cell and Gene Therapy
BNAustralian Sports Brain Bank
BNBalmain Hospital
BNCanterbury Hospital
BNCanterbury Hospital Arthritis and Osteoporosis Centre
BNCell and Gene Therapy Commercial Manufacturing
BNConcord Centre for Mental Health
BNConcord Repatriation General Hospital
BNCroydon Health centre
BNDame Eadith Walker Hospital
BNEducate Sydney
BNHead and Neck Institute
BNInsideOut Institute
BNInstitute of Ageing and Alzheimers
BNInstitute of Cell and Gene Therapy
BNInstitute of Precision Medicine and Bioinformatics
BNInstitute of Rheumatology and Orthopaedics
BNInstitute of Urology
BNMarrickville Community Health Centre
BNMy Sydney Education
BNMy Virtual Hospital Sydney
BNNational Centre for Veterans Healthcare
BNNational Centre for Veterans' Healthcare (NCVH)
BNOur Education Sydney
BNOur Sydney Education
BNRedfern Community Health Centre
BNRoyal Prince Alfred Hospital
BNRPA Foundation
BNRPA Newborn Care
BNRPA Virtual
BNRPA Virtual Hospital
BNSydney Biomedical Accelerator
BNSydney Cancer Centre
BNSydney Cancer Services
BNSydney Cancer Survivorship Centre
BNSydney Dental Hospital
BNSydney Health Education
BNSydney Local Health District
BNSydney Research
BNSydney Research Centre
BNSydney Research Hub
BNSydney Survivorship Centre
BNThomas Walker Hospital
BNVirtual Clinic Sydney
BNVirtual Hospital Sydney
BNVirtual RPA

Reference IDs

Business NumberABN 17 520 269 052
ABN From1 January 2011(10 years, 11 months ago)


Postcode AreasCamperdown
Missenden Road

Other Details

ABN Last Updated2 November 2021(1 month ago)