Metal Manufactures Pty Limited is a New South Wales based Australian Private Company registered 21st July 1989. It is registered for GST.

Key Data

Business NameMetal Manufactures Pty Limited
Entity TypeAustralian Private Company
GST Registered1 July 2000(23 years, 3 months ago)

Other Entity Names

TRDMetal Manufactures
OTNAWM Electrical
OTNBrookvale Electrical Distributors
OTND&W Electrical
OTNDatacomm Wholesale
OTNGilbert Lodge
OTNHaymans Electrical
OTNIndustrial Electrical Supplies (IES)
OTNMM Electrical Merchandising
OTNMM Kembla
OTNPower & Automation (P&A)
OTNThe Ventilation Specialists
OTNTLE Electrical
BNAEW Blue Mountains
BNAll Cables Direct
BNAlliance Electrical Wholesalers (Blue Mountains)
BNArmstrong Online
BNAustralian Visual Hardware
BNAWM Cabletech
BNAWM Electrical
BNAWM Electrical and Data Suppliers
BNAWM Firetech
BNAWM Greentech
BNAWM HomeTech
BNAWM Smart Home
BNBowral Electrical Supplies
BNBrookvale Electrical Distributors
BNCable Makers Australia
BNCetnaj Greentech
BNCetnaj Infrastructure
BND & W Electrical
BND&W Cabletech
BND&W Datatech
BND&W Electrical
BND&W Electrical
BND&W Electrical (Aust)
BND&W Electrical and Data Suppliers
BNEglobe Wholesale
BNElectrical Wholesale Manufacturers Agents
BNEnergy Efficient Supplies
BNEWM Electrical
BNEWM Electrical Wholesalers
BNGilbert Lodge Australia
BNGo Electrical Wholesale
BNGo Electrical Wholesale Electrical and Data Suppliers
BNHaymans Cabletech
BNHaymans Datatech
BNHaymans Electrical
BNHaymans Electrical and Data Suppliers
BNHaymans Firetech
BNHaymans Greentech
BNHaymans HomeTech
BNHaymans Industrial & Safety Supplies
BNHaymans Rail
BNHaymans Smart Home
BNi3 Infra Solutions
BNIndustrial Electrical Suppliers
BNM M Kembla
BNMetal Manufactures
BNMetal Manufactures Security
BNMM Cabletech
BNMM Datatech
BNMM Defence
BNMM Electrical
BNMM Electrical
BNMM Electrical & Data Suppliers
BNMM Electrical Merchandising
BNMM Electrical Mining and Industrial Suppliers
BNMM Firetech
BNMM Greentech
BNMM HomeTech
BNMM Kembla
BNMM Kembla
BNMM Kembla
BNMM Kembla Plumbing Fittings
BNMM Kembla Tube & Fittings
BNMM Plumbing
BNMM Plumbing Supplies
BNMM Security Supplies
BNMM Smart Home
BNMM Solar
BNMMEM Firetech
BNMMEM Smart Home
BNNemesis Distributors
BNNemesis Security Products
BNNemesis Security Supplies
BNPower & Automation
BNPower & Automation
BNRepelec (Aust)
BNRival SP
BNSeadan Security
BNSeadan Security & Electronics
BNSecurity Product Specialists
BNSEW Electrical
BNSmart Innovations
BNSmartview Technology
BNSouthern Electrical Wholesalers
BNSouthern Shire Electrical Wholesalers
BNSouthside Electrical Wholesalers
BNSprint Intercom
BNSprint Intercom & Security
BNTLE - Electrical Infrastructure Supplies
BNTLE Cabletech
BNTLE Datatech
BNTLE Electrical
BNTLE Electrical
BNTLE Electrical Data Suppliers
BNTLE HomeTech

Reference IDs

Company NumberACN 003 762 641
Business NumberABN 13 003 762 641
ABN From1 November 1999(23 years, 11 months ago)


Postcode AreasNorth Parramatta
North Rocks

Other Details

ABN Last Updated31 August 2023(1 month ago)